The ship’s cat refers to cats from the Age of Exploration. They traveled all over the world, protecting cargos and vessels from rats and warding off epidemics, and at times healed hearts of the crew members as a friend. Initially, the cats were supposed to prey on vermin, such as rats, and rid ships of them. However, they became beloved figures due to their cuteness, or were treated as a tutelary figures due to their ability to sense danger. It is well-acknowledged that even when cats become pets, they don’t lose their wildness and continue to serve as inspirations to people. SHIP’S CAT wasinspired by the affinity and mystique of cats, and created to symbolize journeys.SHIP’S CAT is a vast cat sculpture that connects the inner and outer parts of the building. The huge white cat peeks out of the building, and it looks like it is about to jump out to the outer world. The cat wears a helmet that functions as a flashlight, and a suit that looks like a spacesuit or a diving suit. The sculpture foreshadows the hopeful future of human beings traveling to outer space. In addition, the sculpture was created based on the hope that it would be a guardian in this chaotic world, give the people security and beautiful encounters, and aid the voyages of the youths.

Stainless steel, brass, FRP, acrylic, LED light
WeBase Co.,Ltd.

Cooperation: ULTRA FACTORY project team, Kyoto University of the Arts