SHIP’S CAT (Black)

In Chouyou–Nihonmatsu Art Festival 2017 in Fukushima, SHIP’S CAT (Black) was installed where the Honmaru (the castle’s keep) of Nihonmatsu Castle stood. Black cats are considered as a symbol of happiness since ancient times in Japan. Yanobe developed the work based on this traditional image of cats, as a tool to ward off bad luck and usher in happiness. In Dannohorin-ji Temple in Kyoto, black cats are considered as messengers of Syuyajin, the Guardian of Night, that can get rid of fear and difficulties, salvage all living things, illuminate all existing things and open the path toward spiritual awakening. A sculpture of a cat lifting its right hand upright was made at the temple in the Edo era, and this became the prototype of the maneki-neko (beckoning cat) today. Placed on the east turret at Honmaru of Nihonmatsu Castle where one could look over Nihonmatsu City, SHIP’S CAT (Black) created a new landscape, reflecting the surrounding scenery on its stainless steel body.

Stainless steel, brass, FRP, acrylic, LED light

Cooperation: ULTRA FACTORY project team, Kyoto University of the Arts